Technique Marketing Service TMS

steelmaking and casting equipment




Joint Stock Company Technique Marketing Service (JSC TMS) was set up in 1992 and essentially focused on foreign trade. A considerable scope of TMS activity covers export of metallurgical and mining equipment, materials and spare parts from Russia, CIS countries and Europe to such countries as India, Nigeria, Turkey, Myanmar, Romania and others. Our experts have experience in construction of converter shops at Bhilai, Vizakhapatnam and Rourkela Steel Making Plants in India. The basic range of products supplied by us includes the following equipment:

- Billet and bloom continuous casting machines;
- Converter steelmaking;
- Hot metal desulphurization plants.

An important area of focus of JSC TMS is rendering of technical assistance and participation in construction, upgrading and reconstruction of BOF process equipment and continuous casting machines. These works are carried out by us in close cooperation with JSC AHK "VNIIMETMASH" and other research and design institutes and industrial enterprises of Russia, CIS and far abroad.

Together with our partners we can offer customers a complete range of services for supply and commissioning of the desulphurization plant equipment under the technology of the Institute of Ferrous Metals, Dnepropetrovsk. The technology involves mono-injection of magnesium granules without any additives. Unlike Western technologies this process is marked by low iron loss during desulfurization and slag tapping comparing to the technologies based on mixtures use, which makes our process most cost-effective and promising.

Since 2005 our company executed the following major works:

- Reconstruction of Bloom Continuous Casting Machine at S.C.TMK RESITA S.A., Romania;
- Reconstruction of Bloom CCM moulds at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant in India;
- Delivery of various steel making equipment, spare parts and process equipment for numerous steel making plants in Russia and abroad;
- At present the company is implementing the reconstruction of the Bloom and Billet Caster at Baku-Steel Making Plant, Azerbaijan.