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Reconstruction of moulds on four-strand bloom CCM at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India

Reconstruction of moulds on four-strand bloom CCM at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India

This caster was intended for casting of bloom sizes 250х250mm and 250х320mm. The basic radius of the CCM was 12m, the mould length was 1000mm. The mould is of assembly type.
The reconstruction was aimed at replacing of the existing plate mould 250х320mm for the moulds of the same type, but having higher technical-economic values meeting the criteria of the leading-edge achievements in the field of continuous casting.
The result of association with JSC AHK VNIIMETMASH we designed and offered new state-of-the-art plate mould having numerous advantages, such as:
- decreased thickness of copper plates and 2.2 times reduction of copper consumption;
- the copper plate design ensures retention of dimensions after redressing;
- improved maintainability of the mold at the account of specific operations of copper plate redressing and mould assembly; - Reduction of mould casing metal consumption;
- Replacement of drilled cooling channels with CNC-milled channels, increase of water flow speed in the channels and reduction of water rate per mould at the account of more effective heat removal;
- Prevention of emergencies.


The supplied moulds were successfully tested and were taken to commercial operation.
The results of the moulds operation were positively evaluated. Presently the prospective delivery of another lot of the moulds of similar design is under discussion. These moulds are planned for operation for minimum several years before CCM major reconstruction, as the modification concept assumes application of tube moulds.