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Three-strand bloom CCM reconstruction at S.C. TMK RESITA S.A. • Romania.

Three-strand bloom CCM reconstruction at S.C. TMK RESITA S.A. • Romania.


The project was implemented in 2007-2009 including demonstration of all guarantee parameters. The Continuous Caster is a three-strand casting machine with basic radius 13 m and heat weight to be casted 110 tons. The range of casting sizes before the reconstruction consisted of a billet 260х340mm and rounds 250mm and 280mm. The target of the reconstruction was to exclude from the production program casting of 260х340mm casting size, which was further used for re-rolling into a round. As a result of the reconstruction the machine was equipped for casting of rounds with diameter 177mm, 220mm, 280mm and 350mm, including new moulds with the increased tube length 800mm, while before the reconstruction the tube length was 700mm, segments, secondary cooling zone headers and dummy bar head parts.




New locking mechanisms and nuclear metal level gages were installed, the number of cooling zones was increased from 3 to 4, including total extension of the secondary cooling zone, and automatic control system was updated. The improved secondary cooling zone excluded reheating of the billet surface along the whole length. The Contract requirements to the quality of continuous cast billets in accordance with the Technical Specifications 14-1-4992-2003 “Continuous cast log billet for production of hot-rolled seamless pipe“were met during the guarantee tests. As a result of the reconstruction the metal yield increased by 5 % at the account of due to the exclusion of rectangular cross-section and the maximum approximation of the original billet to the final product.