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Continuous casting

Continuous casting


In the field of billet and bloom continuous casting JSC TMS offers the following:
• Design and engineering;
• Supply of new equipment;
• Improvement of technologies and equipment aimed at achievement of a brand new technological indices:
• Performance;
• Product quality;
• Equipment operational characteristics;
• Expansion of technological capabilities;
• Standard casting sizes;
• Steel grades;
• Reconstruction of the existing continuous casting machines in any scope agreed upon with the customer;
• Spare parts delivery.

We offer advanced technical solutions, which cover all the basic technological components and systems of CCM and are most adapted and optimized to achieve the best results with respect to certain manufacturing conditions:
- Optimal distribution of liquid steel between strands;
- Maintenance of required temperature;
- Removal of impurities;
- Protection of the liquid steel stream against secondary oxidation;
- Steel flow from the ladle control;
- Supply, protection and control of the steel flow from the tundish;
- Monitoring and control of the liquid steel level in the mould;
- Liquid steel electro-magnetic stirring;
- Mould oscillation;
- Billet cooling in the mould and secondary cooling zone;
- Billet drawing and smooth straightening;
- Cutting to specific length;
- Lines of billet transportation, cooling, taking away, inspection and transfer to further processing;
- Supply systems;
- Process automatic control system.

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